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Community Team Member
In Survey Data you might have 10th or even 100ds of parameters per questionnaire, Sisense suggest transposing all the parameter into one column (See article). Once you do that you might run into an issue filtering questionnaires that answered A AND B, in a simple filter you will actually get A OR B.
Data sample
How it looks on the dashboard when you filter 1 AND 3

Step 1 - If dimension doesn't exist, Create two new Distinct dimension table one for the ID and the other for the indicator, and connect them to the matching field

Step 2 - Create a value with an IF statement "flagging" any values that has the same amount of indicators as we selected (In our case we selected 2 Indicators)

Step 3 - Create a filter based on that value and select the flag we created (You can also Star Favorite it to use in different dashboards).

We see only the ID that has all of the selected indicators (In our case ID 1)

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