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How to change the activation period for new users
For security purposes, new users have a seven day activation period.  After that seven day period they no longer can activate their account.  The following steps will explain how to change that setting.


Versions 7.2 and above:
1) As an administrator, open
C:\Program Files\Sisense\app\identity-service\src\features\users\v1\users.service.js
2) Find the following line:
const EXPIRATION_TIME = 604800;      // 604800 seconds = 7 days
 And change it to a different interval. Save the file.
3) Restart the Sisense.Identity service.
Versions 7.1 and below:
1) As an administrator, open
C:\Program Files\Sisense\PrismWeb\vnext\src\features\users\users.factory.js
2) Search for expirationDate.setDate to find the line you need to edit. The line to edit will look like the code below:
expirationDate.setDate(expirationDate.getDate() + 7);
By default, users have a seven day activation period. To change this, substitute the "7" with the number of days in your desired activation time period. In the example below, the activation period is changed to 30 days.
expirationDate.setDate(expirationDate.getDate() + 30);
Once you've made your change, save the file and close out of it.
3) Perform an IIS reset on the Sisense server by opening the CMD (run as administrator), typing iisreset and hit enter.
Your user now has 30 days to activate their account.
Please note that this change will be overwritten when an upgrade is performed.  


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