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Organizations that have set up Sisense to run on HTTPS protocol may want to prevent users from inadvertently accessing the site on HTTP protocol. To set this up, reference the documentation below according to the Sisense Version your organization is on.

The SisenseWeb site can be bound to an SSL (Secure HTTP connection)  protocol, which will allow access for both secure and non-secure connections. (To know more about the basic SSL configuration - please visit our documentation page)

The standard HTTP binding should always stay configured in the IIS, even when SSL is implemented. It is necessary for localhost site to be accessible 

However, you may want to redirect all incoming HTTP requests to HTTPS automatically -  so the end user will not be required to type "https://..." in the Sisense URL.

In order to automatically redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS , please follow the below steps:

1. On the Sisense site Open IIS Manager by entering inetmgr and click Enter.

2. Go to Sites > SisenseWeb and Make sure port 80 is one of the members 

3. Open URL Rewrite > Click “Add Rules…” in the Actions menu to the right of the “Features View” panel

4. Use the default inbound “Blank rule” and press “OK”.

5. Give The rule a name such as "HTTP to HTTPS"


Within the “Match URL” configuration box we will set the following settings:

Requested URL: Matches the Pattern
Using: Regular Expressions
Pattern: (.*)

7. In “Conditions”, Press “Add…” to add these two new condition to the configuration.


Condition Input: {HTTPS}
Check if input string: Matches the Pattern
Pattern: OFF


Condition Input: {HTTP_HOST}
Check if input string: Does Not Match the Pattern
Pattern: localhost

After adding them condition should look as following:

8. Go to "Action" configuration box and pull down the box by selecting the arrow on the right. We will configure the following settings for the “Action” configuration:

Action Type: Redirect
Redirect URL: https://{HTTP_HOST}/{R:0}
Redirect Type: Permanent (301)

9. Press “Apply” then press “Back to Rules”

10. Move the rule you created all the way up so it will be the first in the list

11. Open the Command line as an Admin and run an iisreset.


All HTTP communication to the SisenseWeb domain will be redirected automatically to HTTPS except Localhost

Sisense Version 7.2 and above work with NodeJS and there is only one binding possible for the Sisense site on localhost:3030. To overcome this limitation one option is to create a dummy site on IIS that will listen to port 80 and redirect the traffic to your Sisense site

Please follow the steps below to add a redirect on IIS

  1. Open the IIS Manager by typing inetmgr on your start menu
  2. Right click on Sites and add a Website
    • NewSite.png
  3.  Give the Site a name and enter a location where you wish to contain the web.config file and click OK
    • CreateSite.png
  4. Click on HTTP Redirect in your new site Httpredirect.png
  5. Enter your HTTPS Sisense endpoint and click Apply
    • HttpsSite.png
  6. You are all done. Requests to port 80 will be translated to your Sisense Site on HTTPS


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