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Community Team Member
Auto-Refresh Dashboard based on Elasticube Build:
This dashboard script queries the elasticube on the server, and checks to see if a new build has completed. As soon as a build is finished, the dashboard will auto-refresh, and all widgets will be based on the most recent build.
Add this to a dashboard script

//Variables + Settings to check elasticube build on the server
//Currently configured to check the build status of the cube every 15 seconds
var serverURL = '';

var elasticubeName = 'ItayAnalysis-Elliott';

var seconds = 15;

var revision = null;

var settings = {

   "async": true,

    "crossDomain": true,

   "url": serverURL + "/api/v1/elasticubes/localhost/" + elasticubeName + "/revision",

   "method": "GET",

   "headers": {

     "content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"




//looks up the revision history of the build, and if the revision changes, than that

//means a build occurred and a auto-refresh occurs

function checkElasticubeBuildStatus(){

   $.ajax(settings).done(function (response) {

       if(revision === null) {

           revision = response;


       else if(revision != response) {



       setTimeout(checkElasticubeBuildStatus, seconds*1000);




//Recursive function to keep checking build status

Auto-Refresh every widget on a dashboard every minute:
This dashboard script auto-refreshes each widget on the page without having to do a page refresh. As of right now it is configured to refresh every widget every 60 seconds.
Add this to a dashboard script
dashboard.on('widgetinitialized', function(w, args) {

   var seconds = 60;

   var refreshWidget = function(){


       setTimeout(refreshWidget, seconds*1000);


   setTimeout(refreshWidget, seconds*1000);

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Hi @intapiuser ,

thank you for the effort and your shared scripts. 
But the first script doesn't work for me, because i can't find the endpoint /elasticcubes/{server}/{title}/revision and i receive just a "can not get elasticcubes/{server}/...../.

Maybe i'm totally wrong ... 

Do you have an idea?

Many thanks and greetings

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