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Community Team Member
Question: How to add a main header row that contains the column title of each row of data?

Solution: You can solve it with a widget script, please follow these steps:
1. Add a class to your "title", or the part that you only want to repeat once (in our case it was a column set):

"type": "ColumnSet",

"class": "blox-titles",

"columns": [




2. Add the following script in your widget script:
widget.on('ready', () => {

const items = Array.from($(prism.activeWidget && prism.activeWidget.oid === widget.oid ? '.blox-slides' : `widget[widgetid="${widget.oid}"] .blox-slides`));

items.forEach((item, index) => {

if (index > 0) {
const title = $(item).find('.blox-titles');

3. refresh and it should be working 🙂
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