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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
Suppose I have the website which will show some of the Sisense widgets. User is already logged in and wants to see the widgets. User doesn't want to login again through SSO login page url. Is it possible to achieve?
The normal flow of SSO (whether in Sisense itself or Sisense.js-embedded applications) is:
  1. Sisense looks for a cookie representing authentication by the user
  2. Only If no cookie exists, Sisense redirects the request to the SSO handler
  3. SSO handler looks for it's own cookie (or whichever other method of checking for existing session)
  4. Only if user is not authenticated at all, request is redirected to a login page

Within that flow, once a user has authenticated and while the session is active and valid, he should never be redirected to the login page - even if he is redirected via the SSO handler behind the scenes, which should have minimal to no impact on performance or latency.
If this is happening on your environment, it might be due to an incorrect implementation of the SSO handler.
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