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Sisense Data Models Data Dictionary

10 - ETL
10 - ETL

Sisense documentation lists Data Dictionary as one of the product features. Documentation for that is shown here: Creating Data Dictionaries.  However, this feature only supports the creation of table and column description information. This is helpful, but in working with Sisense since 2014, I've often wished for a centralized solution that brought the table and column metadata (including descriptions) to a centralized location. In the olden days, Sisense late v5 and v6, there was a community plugin that exported an ElastiCube's metadata to a .csv file. It stopped working around v7.

Long story short, recently I decided to develop a desktop app (Windows/Mac) that utilizes several Sisense REST API's to build a Data Dictionary for a selected Data Model (Live or ElastiCube).  The app (Sisense Linux only) is now at the MVP stage.

The app exports a selected data model as both an Excel file to your local drive and uploads to a folder on the Sisense server.  The server uploaded files are used as a data source for a Data Dictionary ElastiCube.  A dashboard summarizes the dictionary data and a Pivot presents all Data Models metadata.  See screen the dashboard shot below:


The details on how the app functions are covered in my Blog post:  Sisense Data Dictionary  I'm interested in getting feedback from the community on the usefulness and features included.  I'm also glad to demo if someone is interested.

Regards, Jim


7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

This is very useful data.   Do you have a version that can work on Windows?  


I do not have a Sisense Windows version.  There is not an equivalent REST API for Windows.  The Windows API available for ElastiCube schema export is not very friendly.  If there is enough demand I would consider developing a Windows version. 

Regards - Jim

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Thank you Jim.  I am interested in Windows API.  I am trying to identify all the custom folders from my Sisense Windows instance.    Any suggestions?