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Jump to Dashboard - Date issue

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro


I have a trend graph that consists of 3 values: (example below)


I have applied a Jump-To-Dashboard in order to be able to show on a simple pivot table, a breakdown of the data per day for the selected month.


As you will notice (in red), in my example I selected Jan 23, and on the pivot table, it shows me data from Dec 2022 (in blue).

I have tried to exclude filters (via the JTD script), disable dashboard filters that affect the pivot, and it always brings data from the previous month if available.

The only thing that "fixes" this, is when I toggle off and on the period filter... Ideally, the proper data would need to appear in the first place, so I am trying to understand:

1. Why this happens?

2. If anyone else has encountered a similar issue and

3. If there is a way to solve this (apart from toggling on/off)?

Thanks in advance,