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Status: New Idea

Would like an easy way to transfer ownership of objects to someone else.  Or for a super-user admin to be able to "take ownership" of a data model or dashboard.  Will make it easier to deal with when someone leaves the company and they owned things in Sisense.


I recently had this issue where a large number of data models were owned by a user who was no longer with the company. I filed a ticket with Sisense Support and they had it fixed by end of day. 

There's also some good information in this post: Change multiple dashboards owner (

Hello @dougnewton 

To add to @kwmacd excellent answer, this can currently be done through the API using the /dashboards endpoint. Here is the documentation on that.

Does that meet your requirements?

Thank you for the suggestions.  An export-import can work, as can custom development against the API.  I was hoping for a simpler option right in the Admin UI.  🙂