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Status: New Idea

Currently, the "Upsert" build behavior is only available for Build to destination. It would be great if we were able to utilize this feature in our Elasticube model where we are not building to destination. We have numerous tables containing created date as well as updated date that are attached to an id field but are unable to use the updated date field since this will bring in duplicate (or more) rows per id which we can not have. Ranking duplicates and filtering out is not a sustainable with the size of our datasets.

The ability to look at the id and updated field would solve this issue without the need for a complex workaround in our data source (Big Query).

Thank you!

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Thank you for your feedback Camantea, many customers are using this workaround.
Having said that, we are aware it is not a scalable solution and we are working on another alternative as we speak. The project is in research phase with an improved Elasticube version. In case you are interested to take part in a beta program please approach your CSM for them to connect you with product and the program.