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The evolution of equipping workers with data has been rocky: Workers are interacting with more software applications every year, but the ease with which they can access the data they need to make smarter decisions has not kept pace. IT service management company Okta reported recently that they’ve seen a 22% increase in app deployment over the last 4 years, with the average number of apps being deployed among their almost 10,000 client companies clocking in at around 88.

Companies and workers rely on apps like Microsoft 365, Slack, SAP Concur, Salesforce, and others to make their lives easier and help them get their work done, but they’re still wasting tons of time looking for information. Another study, this one from Qatalog and Cornell University’s Ellis Ideas Lab, showed that workers waste up to an hour a day digging around in Google Drive, Slack, and elsewhere for the information they need to accomplish their tasks.

The need to infuse actionable intelligence derived from analyzed data into workflows is clear, to us at Sisense and other experts as well. According to Gartner’s Research Circle Members, workstream collaboration (products that deliver a conversational workspace based on a persistent group chat to organize, coordinate, and execute outcome-driven teamwork) is a vital focus area for companies of all kinds. By 2024, 85% of organizations using Workstream Collaboration (WSC) will have extended it to all office workers across the organization, up from 45% in 2019.

Here at Sisense, we’re getting ahead of this trend with the Sisense Extense Framework, which empowers teams to infuse actionable intelligence from their data into the tools they use most every day: Slack, Salesforce, Google Doc, and Google Sheets (and that’s just the beginning). Read on to explore how this infusion will transform the way you and your colleagues work.

Meet the Sisense Extense Framework

The Sisense Extense Framework is a new way to infuse analytics into your favorite work applications, empowering business users in your organization with actionable intelligence right where they spend their time. They’ll be able to collaborate better around data and even automate steps in their processes.

Sisense is building ways to extend analytics into all of your favorite work applications using our new Extense Framework. The Extense Framework allows organizations to easily communicate with the Sisense semantic layer through the applications they use daily. This frees organizations from vendor lock-in and creates a variety of cohesive user experiences across homegrown, native, and Sisense-related applications.

Get started with Sisense infused analytics for Slack, Salesforce, and G-Suite

Start weaving analytics into the most popular applications that your business already uses with our Infused Analytics for Slack and Salesforce. Extend analytics beyond the dashboard and into the DNA of two vital places where you gather information from and communicate with others on your team every day.

Slack is already a centralized hub for communication that many users are connected to at least 9 hours out of the day, asking questions and seeking out tribal knowledge. With Sisense Infused Analytics for Slack, users can leverage vast stores of data from right within their communication tool to power everyday tasks, no matter their technical skill level. Explore data via a quick search, collaborate around results, and take action when important business changes occur, all without ever leaving the Slack workspace.

Your Salesforce instance includes analytics and dashboards, but only for Salesforce data — don’t settle for that! When looking at customer data in Salesforce, augment it with a more holistic view of data about your product to visualize everything all in one place. With new Sisense Infused Analytics for Salesforce, now everyone in your company, from business executives to boots-on-the-ground associates, can understand prospects and customers at a deeper level, and integrate these insights into their workflows, processes, and applications. They can even take multi-step actions directly from interactive visualizations.

You get the best of both worlds when Sisense dashboards become your single source of truth, and you can also infuse crucial intelligence to people when they need it, making your analytics ecosystem far more robust. With Sisense Infusion Apps, analytics become more accessible, interactive, and convenient for everyone.

Google Sheets, Google Slides, and our Google Chrome Extension will empower you to infuse analytics where you collaborate with others and make better informed decisions where you work. Let data drive the direction of conversations in your meetings by installing Sisense Infused Analytics for Google Slides. You can add narratives, charts, and more into your presentations that give your stakeholders a 360 degree view of the business and make informed decisions faster. Even easily populate your data from within Sisense into Google Sheets to accelerate your analysis work with your data where you feel most comfortable doing certain tasks. Lastly, leverage the Sisense Google Chrome extension to connect to Sisense from any website you’re on to copy images of your dashboard to your clipboard, or even ask questions of your data in a fast, convenient way.

We’re beyond thrilled to announce these new innovations that can transform the way your business interacts with data. Infuse analytics everywhere so your data becomes an integral part of everyone’s workflow without even realizing it.

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