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Sisense Analytics for Office 365 

In May, we released Infusion Apps for Slack, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Teams. We are happy to announce the addition of Office 365 to our portfolio of Infusion Apps. Leveraging Microsoft’s native functionality, Sisense users can analyze data, build charts, and share insights, making it accessible to anyone who uses Office 365.   


Bring Sisense data directly into Office 365 tools

Data Teams are becoming more and more overwhelmed with ad hoc data requests from business users and knowledge workers. Questions are growing in both frequency and complexity, but resources are not. 



After installing Sisense Analytics, your users can select a View, choose a Bookmark or write a natural language query to pull data directly into Excel on the cloud or desktop and begin working with it immediately. 

If you know how to use Excel, you already know how to use Infusion Apps

Sisense Analytics for Office 365 can be added and deployed to your organization in minutes. The app is accessed using Excel and can be found on the Home ribbon for easy access. 



Add the View to a worksheet to begin analysis using the existing Excel capabilities. You can apply macros and formulas to the View data. You can create pivot tables and charts just as you would with any other data set. Anything you can do with data in Excel today, you can do with Sisense data. 


Encourage broader dissemination of data and transparency of decision-making

Rerunning reporting/analysis for each time period is cumbersome and time-consuming. The more complex the questions, the more likely the data is distributed across multiple sources of data. Building a deck that is updated weekly, monthly, or quarterly can take immense amounts of time. 

With Sisense Analytics for Office 365, users can not only get access to the data, but they can build compelling decks with data that can be trusted and use Excel as a hub to deliver charts and visualizations to Powerpoint and Word. Refreshing the View brings the most updated data back into Excel, and if linked, you can update charts in any document they’ve been added to - like QBR decks!


Start infusing data today

Sisense Infusion Apps replace complex business intelligence environments with an accessible NLQ interface that plugs right into existing productivity apps and equips users with the ability to answer critical business questions without dashboards or specialized training. 

Current customers can get started with Sisense Analytics for Office 365 today! All Infusion Apps are included with an existing Sisense subscription. You can reach out to your CSM if you need assistance getting started. 

Not quite ready yet? You can read more about the value of Infusion Apps here. Or check out Sisense’s Documentation to understand all the capabilities of Sisense Analytics for Office 365 and our other apps. 

Happy Infusing!