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Rich, Event-Based Reporting

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Problem Response Done Right

Sending notifications for interesting events is just one step in an event management process that is easy for Sisense users.  But it’s simply the “What Happened” notice.  Event-based reporting is a complete process that provides you with “How and Why” insights by infusing augmented analysis and correlation of potential factors into a custom Event dashboard that then integrates advanced options for taking actions to remediate the problem.  

In the past, it could take coding skills to implement all facets of Event Management. In this article, we will explore a no-code way to implement a complete process using the Sisense Report Manager add-on. We’ll also review good options to augment Pulse alerts using similar capabilities for event analysis out of the box.

Report Manager Quick Overview

The Sisense Report Manager is a premium Add-On that provides advanced, enterprise-class reporting capability for all types of user roles (Admins, Designers, and Viewers) to manage their reporting or reporting for groups of users. It has its API endpoints to enable managing reporting programmatically.

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Key Report Manager Features: 

  • No Code interface with a centralized view of reporting
  • Users can create their own named distributions from dashboards that have been shared with them or their group, or that they have created.
    • Deliver PDFs or links to the dashboards
    • Add additional attachments like images, Excel, and CSV files with data

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  • Report Archiving to a repository, including via SFTP
  • Scheduled and event-based reporting.

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Configuring Event-Based Reporting

Report Manager is employed largely for common reporting use cases. It extends reporting capability by enabling individual viewers to manage their reporting needs by creating subscriptions to dashboards to which they have access. For most cases, this is time-based scheduling, enhanced through additional options for attachments. For users of Sisense Pulse, Report Manager offers a unique new capability to deliver Event-Based reporting.

It does require some coding to trigger event reports because users cannot configure a Pulse action to trigger a Report Manager Event-Based report.  But what is most useful is that users can prepare a dashboard focusing on details around each alert condition. This extends the Alerting functionality by enabling the delivery of diagnostic detail reports. With Pulse Alerts, users can add an Action via Zap or WebHook to send an event-based report via the Report Manager API. That will send an alert report with context that enables recipients to better understand the problem context, details, and potential remediation steps by drilling into the Event detail metrics and dimensions.

Additional  Report Manager features that are especially useful are the ability to attach exports of multiple widgets in CSV/Excel, PDF, and image format. Report Manager also enables links to direct Pulse recipients to specific dashboards that can be set up to support investigation through Explanations, Sisense’s augmented analytics for correlation.

Augmenting Event-Based Reporting

Given the knowledge of the critical Pulse alerts configured, we can support users who will receive those alerts by sending links to dashboards intended for their problem investigation. For example, deliver a dashboard link that takes users back into Sisense to research potential explanations of the details around the alert condition. Once there, Sisense Explanations can perform correlation to potential related causes as an aid in diagnosis.

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 Given the ability to prepare diagnostic reporting, we can set up support for success, and help shorten reaction time while identifying steps for mitigation.

What You Can Do Now Before Report Manager Is Installed

Some of the capabilities described above can be implemented even before installing Report Manager. Creating focused dashboards to support recipients of Pulse Alerts can provide the same benefits to all users concerning maximizing understanding and providing prescriptive advice. The augmented analytics, whether Explanations or other diagnostic data, is ready out of the box to support customers who haven’t yet set up Report Manager.

Setting Up Dashboards As A Resource For Pulse Respondents 

  • Include contributing dimensions and expressions to provide detailed context and measures
  • Create comparative dashboard views
    • Against industry standards
    • Team comparisons
    • Time Series views of key KPIs
  • Use augmented analytics
    • Explanations
    • Forecasting
    • Top n views of key dimensions
    • Trends on key barometers of success

Unlock the Complete Event Process

Support your “What Happened” Pulse notifications by including links to dashboards purpose-built for you to dig into the Who, How, and Why around events.  In short, don’t just send a notification, give responders tools to more quickly understand the conditions and causes by linking to a dashboard where you can analyze all the details and take action.