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12 - Data Integration
12 - Data Integration


2021 may be winding down, but there’s still plenty to update you on in Q4. We’ve launched our Community and brand new self-paced learning courses

Read on for further information on this as well our latest release, customer stories and pointers on how to infuse analytics and customize your Sisense experience. The ideas shared here are aimed at helping you make strategic advances for internal analytics or in customer facing applications to increase adoption and ensure every decision is data-driven.  

We hope you find this Q4 edition of the newsletter helpful and wish all our Sisense customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Sisense Community BETA Officially Launched

Our community aims to provide an enhanced customer experience that not only connects industry peers but also brings together Sisense expertise in one centralized easy to access self-service location.

Find solutions, connect, collaborate, and grow your expertise. 

Get started now in two quick steps! 

  1. Go to 
  2. Click New User? Register Here to complete a short registration form!

Please note: All users can create their own username and no identifying information is shared publicly by default

After creating your community account, start exploring our new space: 



Recently released features in our latest Sisense release helps our customers infuse analytics beyond the dashboard and explore additional dimensions of your data.

  • Robust analytics solutions: Go beyond dashboards by building interactive experiences and customized analytics products 
  • Modern analytic infusion: Automate the delivery of insights wherever people spend their time.
  • Flexible data experience: Intelligently fuse data together no matter what shape, size or location.

Discover the Latest Release


Top 10 Add-ons Customers Are Using in 2021

Sisense Add-ons are a great way to get more value from Sisense, by adding new visualization types, features, and customizing the user experience. According to our analytics, we have a rather stable pattern of add-on usage in terms of which ones our customers are using the most. 

We’ve looked at our add-on usage data from the past year and compiled a list of the top 10 add-ons that our customers are using in 2021. Access this Community blog for the full list, with links to learn more and download each add-on.

Explore the top 10 add-ons, and see if there are any you want, never knew about, or think you can use in your implementation.


Explore Top 10 Add-Ons


Go Beyond Dashboards with Sisense Extense Framework

The need to infuse actionable intelligence derived from analyzed data into workflows is clear. According to Gartner’s Research Circle Members, workstream collaboration (products that deliver a conversational workspace based on a persistent group chat to organize, coordinate, and execute outcome-driven teamwork) is a vital focus area for companies of all kinds.

By 2024, 85% of organizations using Workstream Collaboration (WSC) will have extended it to all office workers across the organization, up from 45% in 2019.

Here at Sisense, we’re getting ahead of this trend with the Sisense Extense Framework, which empowers teams to infuse actionable intelligence from their data into the tools they use most every day: Slack, Salesforce, Google Doc, and Google Sheets (and that’s just the beginning). Watch this video to learn more about how the Sisense Extense Framework makes every application an analytics power house.

Watch and Learn



While COVID-related restaurant closures dealt a blow to the beer industry, 2021 saw a 2.5% bump in beer sales and strong international growth is projected through 2025. And technology is helping drive that growth: Brewers are using new equipment and techniques, social media is connecting brewers and audiences, and the use of data is opening new possibilities, as well.

But with all that growth and potential, what happens when you get to the shop and they don’t have the beer you want? 

Sisense client RetailZoom specializes in helping supermarkets and suppliers do more with data. They took their massive stock of data and dug deep into the behaviors of beer buyers with an eye towards understanding what brands people turn to when their preferred beer isn’t available. Do they stay within the same category? Is price a factor? What about visibility and the layout of the beer case?

What they learned is fun, informative, and could be the future of shelf stocking for retailers of all kinds, regardless of what they’re selling. Read more to learn about how infusing actionable intelligence from huge supplies of analyzed data is helping revolutionize the supermarket beer experience.

Read the Customer Story



Sisense Fusion Analytics, the next-generation analytics tool, goes beyond standard business intelligence by allowing all skill levels to analyze data and build customized experiences that are infused into workflows and processes at exactly the right place and right time for everyone across the business.

With the recent addition of Notebooks into Sisense Fusion Analytics, we’ve taken the platform you already know and love, and elevated it by incorporating a code-first tool to help Business Analysts solve more ad-hoc, complex, open-ended, and less-clearly defined problems.

For the first time, analysts can perform advanced analysis within the self-serve BI environment without having to use separate tools to access SQL, Python and R.

We’ve bridged the gap and created an integrated solution that is accessible to business users and data analysts alike, in order to capitalize on the full potential of analytics.

To understand more about the power of Notebooks and its benefits, check out our Whitepaper, 3 Use Cases for the All-New Sisense Notebooks.

Read the Whitepaper



New Self-Paced Customer Learning Paths on Litmos

We are excited to present 5 new self-paced customer learning paths, to give you the freedom and flexibility to expand your knowledge of the Sisense platform at your own pace, and at times that best suit you. All learning paths are accessible within our learning management system, using your usual login details. Each learning path is specifically targeted to the key users of the Sisense platform:

New Dates for Sisense Academy Virtual Courses  

Sisense BloX 

December 8-15 2021

Learn More

Register Here

Linux First Line Support

February 8-17 2022

Learn More

Register Here


Sisense Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave:

Augmented BI Platforms, Q3 2021

What is a Forrester Wave? 

Forrester Waves are assessments that stack-rank vendors in various technology markets based on criteria established by the analyst firm.


Why Was Sisense Named a Leader?

Forrester gave us the highest possible scores for our strategic execution; innovation; planned enhancements; machine learning for data scientists; NLG; collaboration; operations; modern architecture and extensibility; and customization criteria. 

In addition, Forrester said our integration with Jupyter capabilities “will appeal to professional data engineers and data scientists.” Our Sisense Fusion NLQ is “powerful.” And our integration with Git “will appeal to DevOps pros.” Lastly, they called our unique IP: an in-chip processing architecture (our proprietary technology can move data between RAM and CPU faster than native OS capabilities) that supports extreme scalability (claims confirmed by customer references).

Read the Report


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