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Sisense Team Member

Infusing intelligence everywhere is the way to up-level standard to strategic decisions at the right place and the right time. At Sisense, we’re always working on enhancements to help you get more out of your data without endlessly switching between programs.

Our latest release provides a number of new features and significant improvements to the Sisense Fusion platform on Linux, which will maximize the value and impact that you get from analytics. Top features include copying theme identifiers, defining a time period for access for Sisense support agents, testing email server configuration, installing Sisense using Provisioner and Helm and more

Read on to dig into the details of these new features and see how they can improve your analytical experience, enhance the insights you get from your data, hone your decision-making and optimize the impact of these decisions for you and your customers.

Q4 2021

November release: L2021.11

Release notes

Sisense Fusion 2021.11 provides several new features and significant improvements to the Sisense Fusion platform on Linux.

Key highlights: 

Copying Theme Identifier

At Sisense we are always working towards providing our customers with easy-to-use UI and flexible customizations. In this latest release, you can apply a theme by copying the theme ID and adding it to the code to make modifications to the visuals on your server. For example, you can apply a theme to specific groups, or when embedding Sisense components in web pages, you can use the theme to make visual changes to the web pages intuitively and personalize them to match the aesthetic of your brand. 

Grant Access to your Account to Support Agents 

Security is top of mind for organizations today, and Sisense continues to provide the best security possible to our customers. If you are a managed services customer, you can grant support agents access to your Sisense application, and with this release, you can also select a time period for access. Now, Sisense Support agents can easily and securely connect to your Sisense application, and troubleshoot issues if the feature is turned on

Extended Retention of Usage Analytics 

Analytics are all around us. It is crucial to understand the usage pattern of the analytics for adoption, bug free consumption and much more, at your convenience. At Sisense, you can now set the number of days for retaining usage analytics directly through the Sisense UI for a flexible amount of time. With this setting, your admin team can understand the data, usage, as well as work on optimizing the performance of your dashboards.

Note:  For optimized performance, it is recommended to keep the analytics for up to 30 days to avoid any issues with system performance. 

Testing Email Server Configuration 

At Sisense, we are always working towards making analytics more reliable and secure. With this release, the administrative user can test the email configuration to ensure it is set up correctly and provide a seamless experience for the users to infuse analytics into their daily workflows. This will help customers who have their own email server, to verify and rectify email configurations if needed. 

Web Access Token (WAT) – Monitoring Usage Statistics 

The new web access token (WAT) feature that was introduced last month, grants a secure, scalable, and customizable viewer experience. In this release, we enable our customers to monitor each successfully established WAT-based session for more transparency, when a user clicks the WAT link and a token “session” is created, or when a WAT-based asset is embedded into the third party's website, and loads up.

Installing Sisense Using Provisioner and Helm

At Sisense, we constantly aim to make the product more intuitive and seamless to install and use. In this latest release, our customers get a simplified, elegant and efficient solution for installing, upgrading and/or maintaining Sisense using Provisioner on an existing Kubernetes cluster.  Now, they can deploy Sisense by using a single Helm Chart. It’s the simplest way of getting started with Sisense on Kubernetes. 

For further details on these features, check out the Release Notes that include a full list of features and enhancements, or contact your CSM.  

Also, watch this video from our training team, demonstrating how to use the new features: Sisense November 2021 Release Training Video on  selected features.



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