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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Infusing analytics into workflows is the way of the future. As Sisense, we’re always working on enhancements to help you get more out of your data without endlessly switching between programs. Our latest release takes Linux deployments to the next level, allowing users to upload new font libraries, streamline the customer support experience, and even parameterized web tokens, allowing users to interact with dashboards and other analytics without logging in. 

Read on to dig into the details of these new features and see how they can improve your analytical experience.

Q4 2021

October release: L2021.10

Release notes

Sisense Fusion 2021.10 was launched a few days back and provides several new features and significant improvements to the Sisense Fusion platform on Linux.

Key highlights: 

Uploading custom fonts

Personalize and match the aesthetic of your brand or website typography to your Sisense UI by uploading custom fonts and assigning them to specific themes, providing a fully customized and seamless rebranded experience for your users.

Easily upload and apply your custom fonts when your preferred fonts are missing from the Sisense out-of-the-box fonts selection. Now molding Sisense into your organization's image becomes that much easier.

Grant Access to your Account to Support Agents 

At Sisense, we are always looking for ways to provide our customers with the best user experience possible. If you are a managed services customer, Sisense Support agents can now connect to your Sisense application in order to help troubleshoot issues as long as this option is turned on. All of this to reduce downtime and improve your productivity.

Web Access Token

Security is top of mind for organizations today, and Sisense will continue to provide the best security possible to our customers. The new web access token feature grants a secure, scalable, and customizable viewer role experience. This provides the ability to interact with dashboards and widgets without user login or password. The Web Access Token feature unlocks the ability to generate stateless and volatile sessions, with anonymous and public access to the analytical content.

For further details on the features, look at the Release Notes with a full feature list as well as the list of enhancements, or contact your CSM.  

Also, check out this video from our training team demonstrating how to use these new features: Sisense October 2021 Release Training Video on 4 selected Features.