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Sisense Team Member

Getting Started With BloX

Ten Best Resources

Whether you’re looking to build your first BloX widget or a BloX seasoned veteran, this list of resources has something to offer. The introductions and guides provide a basic understanding of how BloX works, as well as some less-documented concepts and features that benefit all designers. These consolidated links are also great to have on hand while working with BloX, especially when you tire of having a dozen BloX reference tabs crowding your browser. 

Sisense Documentation | Sisense BloX Reference

Sisense Documentation | Sisense BloX Tutorials

BloX Design

1. Sisense Community | Building with BloX: A Practical Introduction

  • A must-read to get a baseline understanding of how BloX is structured

2. Sisense Community | Building with BloX: A Technical Introduction

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of customizing the look and feel of a BloX widget

3. W3 | CSS Reference 

  • CSS reference page, handy to have on hand while customizing the look and feel

BloX Actions

4. Sisense Community | Sisense BloX Custom Actions Guide

  • Intro guide to creating custom actions in BloX widgets

5. Sisense Dev | Sisense JS API Reference

  • API reference for Sisense JS, necessary for interacting with the Sisense server

6. W3 | Javascript Reference

  • JS reference page, handy to have on hand while creating custom actions

BloX Examples

7. Sisense Community | Turn Any HTML into a BloX Template

  • Method for turning any HTML into a BloX Template

8. Youtube | BI & Sisense Playlist by Diego Cordero

  • Diego walks through implementing several BloX use cases in this playlist

9. BI Next Level

  • Sisense BloX and JS scripts repository

10. Sisense Resource Library | BloX Webinars

  • Several webinars on BloX have been posted to the Sisense resource library

What's your go-to BloX resource? We would love to hear in the comments below!