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The value of geo analysis:

We live in a world of data, quite literally, and almost every data record we encounter relates to a physical location which can be presented on a map. It is no  wonder that geo analysis capabilities gain popularity among users as they seek to understand where something is happening, alongside with what.

Following the global covid-19 crisis, countless authorities and organizations learned the importance of geographic analysis, from tracking virus spread in a district to global trends across continents.

In order to leverage geographical analysis capabilities, the Sisense Marketplace offers multiple geo based add-ons, each offering a quick and intuitive way to visualize data over an area of interest.

Marketplace add-ons are a quick and simple way to enhance value obtained from Sisense, using focused functionality that suits your exact need. The add-ons are developed according to market needs and customer feedback, by Sisense’s teams and partner companies alike.

In this article, we’ll take a close look over the geo analysis add-ons developed by our partner QBeeQ and Sisense developers.

QBeeQ provides several advanced mapping capabilities. The various mapping technologies work with Mapbox, Google Maps or and provide enhanced 3D visualizations, user experience and navigation to provide a robust Geo-Spatial analytical experience. These powerful maps provide a 360 degree investigation by allowing multiple layers of information to tell the full story of your data.

1. MapBox Choropleth map

The QBeeQ Choropleth map is a combination of a scatter and area map that allows plotting both polygon and point data to show the full picture of an advanced Geo-Spatial analytical story. The polygons can derive their color from a number of KPIs which the end user can toggle between using a measure switcher, while the point layer has a wide range of attributes such as color (by category or by KPI), size, tooltip and more. 

This map is great for plotting location based data and comparing to other global or general area behaviors. In the example below, we can see marketing campaign data for a national restaurant chain, where the points are chain locations classified by status and the counties’ color signals buyer concentration.

The roadmap includes radius and lasso selector, icon and heatmap layers and more.

The example below shows a US State and County choropleth, though this map can be applied to any geographic area.



Find this add-on in the Sisense Marketplace here:

2. Advanced Google Map

The QBeeQ Advanced Google Heatmap plots various coordinates and clusters the pinpoints. Upon clicking a cluster, the map will zoom in and show the distinct locations at which point the user will be able to click on any one of them and see a robust tooltip which enables jump-to-dashboard functionality. 

This map is great for drilling into concentrated areas of occurrences, focusing on a group or a single pinpoint, then getting a birds eye view of that point’s information via the tooltip, and ultimately clicking into the tooltip to a full detailed report of that specific location. In the example below, we see a Florida real estate management company plotting their various locations with the details of each household. Roadmap includes many additional Google Maps features.



Find this add-on in the Sisense Marketplace here:

3. is a WebGL-powered framework for visual exploratory data analysis of large datasets. These powerful mapping layers were developed by the Uber data engineering team to plot 2D and 3D views and can be applied on various frameworks such as Google Maps or Mapbox. 

With this powerful plugin, you can plot multiple layers on the fly, with a wide variety of design and user experience capabilities. You are no longer dependent on web developers and UX/UI designers, any Sisense dashboard designer can create many beautified multi-layered maps with a few clicks. Among the various layers:

  1. Heatmap layer
  2. Arc trip layer
  3. 3D Hexagon layer
  4. 2D and 3D polygon layers
  5. Many more options are available




Find this add-on in the Sisense Marketplace here:

4. Map with Pie Charts

The Map with Pie Charts add-on allows interactive users to navigate around the world and see countries’ formulas categorization by clicking a certain country and being prompted with a pie chart for that selection. In the example below, we see the sales of each country broken down by product category.


Find this add-on in the Sisense Marketplace here:

5. 3D Rotating Globe

This autonomous 3D rotating globe is perfect for large screen monitors in command centers or office floors, showing a current view of a KPIs performance around the world. The map will rotate autonomously, and can plot polygon and point data. The countries can be clicked on to drill down further when needed. 


Find this add-on in the Sisense Marketplace here:

6. ArcGIS Map Integration

This add-on, developed by Sisense, enables users of ArcGIS maps to utilize customized configurable and filterable maps as a widget in their Sisense dashboard. ArcGIS offers a wide range of functionalities, from multiple map layers to free drawn filtration polygons.


Find this add-on in the Sisense Marketplace here:

Future Plans

With the global situation, and the increasing needs of geospatial data mapping, we and our partner, QBeeQ, are constantly improving our advanced mapping products. 

In the near future, we will be introducing enhanced user experience features such as:

  • Animated maps based off of live data connections
  • Improved integrations and multi layer combinations of 4 layers and more
  • Lasso selectors
  • Manual polygon drawing
  • Measure switching on the fly
  • Interactive legends enabling dynamic color coding thresholds
  • Route optimization for logistics and fulfillment services
  • Radius selector
  • R Integration 
  • And many more...

Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success manager or QBeeQ for a live demo and free trial!

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