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Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Every company is becoming a data company; there’s no getting around it. Savvy organizations know they don’t need to fear data and analytics — they see better insights as the pathway to a brighter future.

Yet a recent Gartner survey shows that 50% of organizations lack sufficient data literacy skills to achieve business value. Sisense is helping bridge that skill set gap, empowering organizations to unlock business potential faster with AI-powered explanations, an enhanced live data experience, and a robust new reporting service.

Smarter insights with AI-powered data explanations

Looking at a chart, it can be difficult to uncover actionable insights. Data doesn’t yell, “Your sales increased by 10% last month because an influx of men aged 18-24 in Seattle bought more beard-trimming kits without any promotion.”

Often, to find those types of insights, you slice, dice, and filter. However, this requires a level of familiarity with the data itself. Most of us don’t have the time to dig deep into the data to get rich intelligence that we can use in our daily and strategic decisions. 

Now you don’t have to! Sisense fuses your business expertise with deep insights through the power of AI-powered Explanations. Sisense Explanations provides easy, deep data exploration for every user, across the entire data journey. 

To start, Sisense does the heavy lifting by highlighting anomalies and points of interest in your data for further exploration. Or a user can simply click on any point to discover the driving force behind the data. Sisense leverages all of the dimensions in your data and runs combinations to determine the exact impact that each variable has on a data point.

As another example, if your sales went up by 10%, Sisense might explain that the increase was attributable to both a specific product category and a certain age group of customer with a visual display of the breakdown. Within seconds, any user can understand the data without the need for specific technical expertise and get the deep intelligence to uplevel every decision.

Fast insights: Enhanced live data experience

With the global economy, your business doesn’t stop at 5 p.m., so why should you limit your data-driven decisions to those hours? These kinds of round-the-clock decisions require the most up-to-date information, which can only be surfaced with the aid of real-time data. Our goal at Sisense is to continually make sure your most critical real-time decisions can be made with ease.

For every query, Sisense translates live widget information into SQL data. This quarter, we released a new translator service to reduce the time and cost for these queries on your Snowflake live connection, with other live connections in beta. Reduce data query time by up to 70% and give your live widgets up to a 15% performance boost! 

Code-savvy users can crack open the optimized SQL code that drives live visualizations to easily understand and validate the logic. It’s also simple to track, monitor, and optimize activity on your live data sources to better understand the context of your live queries.

Deeper understanding with next-level reporting

As you bring more robust intelligence to everyone at your company, we continue to make it easy to effectively communicate repeatable and ad hoc reports with a new reporting engine. Now, reporting is better than ever with the ability to generate PDFs and images at scale to share reports with everyone in the organization.

Create robust reports that feature your customizations such as Sisense BloX to ensure every insight is visible and can be understood. The technology is packed in a new microservice and has dedicated queues that can be managed to scale so your reports are always delivered on time at the scale you need.

Toward a data-powered future

Think of all the data your company is sitting on. Now think of all the hoops you need to jump through to make sense of any of it. There are countless decisions you and your colleagues make every day that could be enhanced with the right insights, drawn from your complex array of datasets. Bridging the skills gaps to allow your organization to successfully leverage its datasets is challenging, but with the enhanced functionality of the latest Sisense release, you’re one step closer to becoming a truly data-driven organization.