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As the adoption of Infusion Apps grows within an organization, Views are going to be used to address a wider swath of business problems and questions. As the number of Views increases, administration and management become increasingly important. 

Today, the challenges for administering Views stem from a lack of discoverability–  

  • A dashboard can hold multiple Views
  • There is no indication that a widget is published as a View, nor that a dashboard holds one or more Views
  • The widget title may not necessarily match the name of the View
  • Dashboards can have published Views, but not be shared. Or Dashboards and their Views can be shared with different groups

There is no way to conclusively say how many Views exist within an instance. Due to dashboard permissions, the visibility of Views are limited to the logged-in user. 

View Management solves these challenges by:

  • Displaying all Views in a single place, increasing discoverability, and reducing time 
  • Streamlining the View editing process by taking the user directly to the widget
  • Reducing time and steps to see a View’s data

See All Views in One Place

With one click, any user with Dashboard Designer access and higher can see all published Views that have been created within a Sisense instance (that they have privileges to see, based on dashboard sharing permissions).



Easily Understand What’s in a View

To understand what’s in a View, you first have to find it, then you have to edit it. Click on a View in View Management and see its contents columns and filters, and their state (visible or hidden).


Quick Access to Views or Models

Don’t even think about having to go to another tab - we’ll do it for you!

From “View Details”, click the pencil icon to navigate directly to the View, bypassing the need to locate the View through the "Analytics tab. The View will open in edit mode, ready for your changes.

Interested in the underlying data? Click the model icon to navigate directly to the data model on the Data tab.


Whether you have 5 Views or 15 Views, we don’t expect you to remember where you put each one. But, you should be able to find it when you need it. 

Update to L2022.10 (when available) to start managing your Views in a new way. For more details, check out our documentation.

We can’t wait until you see what’s in store for Infusion Apps! Until then, Happy Infusing!