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custom queries in widgets

I have a very simple ask. When I go into widgets I am able to click on the three dots and hit Analyze SQL Query but I don't see a way to edit it. I would like to be able to edit the query, is there a way to do that? I need to create custom calculated...

mbussey by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Best practises for co-dev in version control

Hello,We are implementing git integration with sisense and will use it to build artifacts in dev instance and deploy to test and prod eg: so considering that the "local repository" (GIT FS) is specific to an environment/project rather than a develope...

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 8.36.37 AM.png

Cdata JDBC Drivers license

Hello everyone,I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help me with:1) Does the Sisense Linux license provide us with free access to all cdata connectors, or do we have to purchase them separately? If we do need to purchase them separately, ...

Abenezer by 7 - Data Storage
  • 3 replies
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Export PivotTable to image crops the bottom row

See the bit in the red rectangle:Sisense version L2023.11.0.387We have "Full-Size Widget to Image Download" turned on.My guess is it's a bug in the export procedure. Can anyone confirm? Any workaround?

Tim by 10 - ETL
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! SSO Sisense App vs Iframe

Hi SisenseWe are trying to implement Auth0 SAML 2.0 SSO with Sisense. Once implemented, we see a new option on Sisense Login UI which asks us to login via SSONow my question is if I embed sisense as an iframe to our company App, will it require users...

Data model

I'm unable to see my data models suddenly; they have disappeared. However, the dashboard built with those data models is still visible.

Krish2456 by 7 - Data Storage
  • 3 replies
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Share Dashboard folder public

Hello experts,In Sisense, assets are private by default. example if you organize your dashboard in a folder, it requires you to share that report individually for each user or groupI wonder if there is a way to make this publicly available? example. ...

Resolved! Can use use Switchable Dimensions for Line and Area Charts

I am trying to use switchable dimensions pluggin in Sisense for a line chart and area chart using a date dimensional table where my dates are in numerical values for conventionality. I am trying to use this pluggin to go from monthly, quarterly, and ...

Astroraf by 8 - Cloud Apps
  • 3 replies
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Formula to display null values

I have a widget that I would like to replace all null values with values of "0". I am trying to use the following formula: "CASE WHEN ISNULL (PASTYEAR(SUM([Total TotalSales]))) THEN 0 ELSE (PASTYEAR(SUM([Total TotalSales]))) END" but I am having no s...

Return members from dashboard script

My goal is to have a dashboard filter be dynamically hidden based on number of values in an elasticube table that a user has access to. Specifically, if [Tenant].[Tenant Name] returns more than one value, the dashboard filter should be visible. Less ...

cglowe by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Creating A Burndown Chart In Sisense

Hi all, I want to create a burndown chart with my planned and actual hours for a project across time. I'm unsure what functions would be best to use here - has anyone created one in Sisense before and would like to give any advice? Would I use the RS...

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