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When using Sisense as a Viewer, I would like my users to open a widget in Full Screen mode and interact with the Filters. At this moment, when opening in Full Screen, all Filters are locked, preventing the user from interacting with them. 


Hello @rimms-gladstone,.

Even in full screen mode a viewer should be able to interact with the Widget filters. The Dashboard filters are locked because they are viewing the specific widget.

Does that describe what you are seeing, or are the widget filters locked for your viewers also?

@DRay When expanding to Fill Screen mode, even the Widget Filters are locked. I would expect to be able to interact with them, but I have no control. I understand why Dashboard Filters are unavailable, but don't understand why Widget filters are locked?

Hi @rimms-gladstone

I tested in my environment, and the Widget filters are active when viewing the Widget in full screen as a Viewer user. Maybe there is a configuration specific to your environment that is preventing it?

Hi @DRay 

Appreciate the reply. Having played with the configuration of the widget, I'd be interested to hear how you have your widget configured. In my Dashboard, if I have a standard widget with a Date Filter (e.g. Show Last 30 Days). When going Full Screen, I have no way of interacting with that Filter. If, however, I change the Filter config and use "Set as Background Filter", I have a tiny amount of control after republishing (I don't have the pencil icon, but I can click on the filter criteria but can only change a tiny amount of detail and still appears restricted). Is this the same for your Date Filters? 

Hi @rimms-gladstone,

Since this is moving into more of a support question, would it be possible for you to open a support ticket for this? Our support team will be happy to look into this with you. The site is

Once you work with them, can you update here? I would love to hear what the resolution is, and I'm sure others would also.

Hi @DRay 

Thank you again and and am grateful for the advice. I have already raised this with Sisense Support who closed the case informing me that Viewer users don't have permissions to work with widget filters. Hence, adding this into the Product Feedback forum as a request / development for new versions. 



That's interesting, because if the filter is local to the Widget Viewers should be able to interact with it.

Here is what the filter panel looks like when viewing the Widget as a Viewer. I can't change the date filter, since it's a Dashboard filter, but I can change the Top "x" number.



Hello @rimms-gladstone,

I would like to follow up on this before I submit this to our product team. Is this still an issue for you?

Hi @DRay 

The issue is now worse by virtue my users are still unable to update any filters in Full Screen view AND more recently no longer able to update the Top X widgets either. This has been the case since L2023.11.0