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Status: New Idea

Use Case: As a user, I want to be able to share a dashboard with another user with the pre-selected filters so that they can see the same results as I do.

Description: The current functionality of the dashboard filters is user-specific, meaning that each user has their own selected filters. However, there is a need to enable users to share a dashboard with another user, ensuring that the pre-selected filters are applied, allowing them to view the same results.

This enhancement would allow a user to easily share a dashboard, including their filter selections, with another user. When the recipient accesses the shared dashboard, they would see the same filter settings as the original user, providing a consistent and synchronized view of the data.

By enabling the ability to share dashboards with pre-selected filters, users can streamline collaboration, discussions, and decision-making processes. This feature enhances the dashboard-sharing experience and ensures that all parties involved are viewing the same data and insights.


This is great.  Many many other visualization platforms have this.  It is table stakes for us to use these visualizations to drive change.

Filters in general within Sisense need to be overhauled. Filters are table stakes in general, but are horrible within the tool...

There *is* a way to do this -- extract the filter JAQL from the dashboard and add it on to the dashboard url. This is how you can append filters in an embedded iframe dashboard. But getting that JAQL is quite involved and results in a very, very long url if you use a lot of filters.

@Ophir_Buchman  also created an article in the community detailing a 'lighter' way to do this, but it requires adding scripting to the dashboard you want to share (and doesn't work that well for date filters)

So yes, it would be nice if there were better, out-of-the-box options for this

@irismaessen thanks so much for these suggestions! Can you update the link for the first suggestion? I'm getting a 404. Thanks in advance! 

@JasmineC I've edited my earlier comment to update the link to the new documentation. 

What I can't find on that page, and what I can't remember if it was there earlier, is that you can use 


 in the browser console to get the filters on the current dashboard. This will include a lot of information that is not strictly necessary but it will, of course, also include everything that is.  I've usually been fine using the stringified filters directly, but in some cases (eg you have free text filters) it may be necessary to url-encode them.

I might also add that depending on the exact Sisense version, this does not interact nicely with PDF exports and/or Accordion dashboards so if you rely on those, test accordingly.