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Sisense has two aspects of license and user management for activating the system and accessing Sisense platform.
This article demonstrates how to handle password update for either Sisense Package Activation or Sisense Web Application access.

Authenticating the Sisense package owner with our Licensing server

  1. The password for system activation is auto-generated for each user who signs up on Sisense website and received in the welcome email. In case you are not able to login to Sisense Activation application with the above credentials, submit a ticket to Sisense Support Team at
  2. If you have a Firewall on your machine or in your network, please make sure to activate Sisense accordingly. If you're attempting an offline Sisense Activation, you have an option to Get License Key For Offline Activation By An API Call for the Sisense licensing server.
  3. If you are not behind a Firewall, reload Sisense Activation (from the Start Menu), log out, then log back in. After doing so, open your 'Task Manager', choose the 'Services' tab and restart the service Oxygen.
Please note that if you have Malware detection or anti-virus agents running on your machine, they can block the program's authentication service too. We advise to disable these if possible to avoid any doubt.
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 To see your licensing package status, please open the 'Sisense Acitvation' application as an administrator:

Changing Web Application password

The Web Application user credentials update is done to enable access to the online Sisense platform. Following these simple instructions, you can manage personal user credentials or update them for other users (given Sys Admin role permissions).
End users should contact Sys. Admin for assistance.
If you are a Sys. Admin, Sisense uses a Local Repository database to store all users' credentials for on-going authentication. Please contact Support to aid with user password change.

Resetting your password:

Click "Forgot your password? Click here"
Enter your email address
You will receive the following message
Open your mailbox, then click on "Recover Password"
Enter new password

Changing another users' password (if you are Sys Admin):

Go to 'Admin' tab > 'Users' > Modify user settings
Switch 'ON' for 'Change Password'
Enter password

Changing Sys. Admin user details (transferring the role form one user to another):

Go to 'Admin' tab > Users > Modify user settings (of Sys. Admin user) > Change the email address
If there's a different user already using the Sys.Admin email address you would like to use, change that users email address to a temporary address and work on changing the ownership of existing dashboards which are associated with the old user.
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