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Using SQL Coalesce To Handle Null Values

Question SQL NULL is not technically a value, but rather a state. Fields are not equal or not equal to null, they are or are not null. As such, null fields can get a little tricky when attempting different kinds of transformations. For example, mathe...

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Flattening JSON Objects In SQL Server

Question In instances where tables within SQL Server contain JSON objects within a column you can use the import SQL query editor feature in Sisense to flatten these objects into individual fields. For example: Can be turned into: Answer To accomplis...

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Consortium Data By Masking Sensitive Values

Question Some organizations provide Sisense to their clients as part of their business offering. Some of these organizations would like also to provide clients with the consortium data derived from Sisense - a single ElastiCube where clients submit t...

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Removing Leading Zeros

Question What is the best way to remove leading zeros? I have a field that is alphanumeric values (JONESBJ001, SMITH KC02, 0000012345, 0000555213. Answer If all of your data with leading zeros will always be some sort of numerical string (i.e. there ...


Filtering On Multiple Tags In A Single Row

Question A relatively common database design strategy is to have a tag column with an arbitrary number of tags. Here is an example in which we look at numbers between 1 and 10 and tag them as even, odd, perfect, or parts of the Fibonacci sequence: No...

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LAG / LEAD Functions

Question LAG & LEAD Functions are functions that give access to multiple rows within a table, without the need for a self-join. The LAG function is used to access data from a previous row, while the LEAD function is used to return data from rows furt...

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Split A Delimited Field Into Rows

Question A data source in your ElastiCube contains a field with multiple values in it delimited by a particular character (i.e - comma, semicolon, space, etc.). You need to parse that field and create a table with a record for every value in the deli...

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Lookup With Two Conditions

Question How to do a lookup using two conditions (i.e., pulling project number on a unique equipment for a specific day)? Answer You can only use one field as the key field in Lookup function. So, it is better to create a combined key (using concat o...

Target on Gauge

Analytical Need Gauges are types of widgets that are very helpful in presenting progress or whether a KPI is met such as current state vs. expected state based on previous calculated value. At times, we might be interested to show a target that needs...

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Grid Charts

Analytical Need Sometimes we want to display 2 dimensions and one measure in a widget. Ordinarily we will use a pivot table for this purpose. A pivot table may be very nice & good but it doesn't allow us to filter the dashboard based on values from t...

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Convey Your Message at a Glance

Statistical measurement types and visualization that supports your message Having a hard time deciding the best way to visualize your data? How can you convey your message and provide the right business context with just a glance? What you can do wit...

How to see the latest date in the Pivot?

Question: How to see the latest date in the Pivot? Answer: You need to change the date to an integer. Then I used the script in the comments in a previous post, and was able to request results. This is the script we used var m_names = new Array("Jan"...