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Infusion Apps Common Issues


Verify Installation

Reference the swimlane diagram in the Installing the Infusion Apps section, and work from front to back to ensure all the necessary installation steps have been taken.

Check Developer Console 


At this time, all API calls are tracked and logged to a file on a local machine, stored in a local Mongo DB, and accessed from a Dashboard. The Infusion APPs do not use any 3rd party tool for logging. 

Common Issues


If you have an issue with installation:

  • Make sure that you have the most up-to-date manifest files. 


Not seeing an expected feature?

  • Check the Add-on version to make sure that you are running the most recent version. You can also check the marketplace by going to Admin >  Add-ons > Add-on version.


(Specifically for Office 365) Are you getting a success message but not seeing the Continue button?

  • Click the “i” icon
  • Click Empty Cache
  • Click Reload

Seeing a login error?

  • Ensure the user is logged into their personal (or non-work) Chrome profile. Check to make sure the Chrome profile matches your Sisense log-in. 

Wrong credentials?

  • Check URL
    • URL needs to include
  • Make sure the instance is connected to the internet.
  • Ensure that the user has a Sisense login.

Can’t add the app from Slack, Sheets, etc.?

  • App admin may not be available to your entire organization. Contact your IT App Admin to verify or get assistance.


Users are seeing performance impacts and/or slow-running queries in their Infusion Apps.

  • Infusion apps should not cause performance issues. Debug Sisense dashboard/ECubes as normal using a JAQL plugin.
  • The view might be too large. Users can contact their View creator to reduce the size of the View. 


Unable to see Table with Aggregation widget type?

Can’t see a view in App?

  • There are a couple of possibilities; the view might not be published or republished, or the Dashboard may have not been explicitly shared with the user or user group. To troubleshoot, request that the View/Dashboard be shared again.  If further troubleshooting is required, review the data security rules in the model to see if the user is excluded from seeing the data.

Not seeing expected changes?

  • View is not published. Republish the dashboard that the view is in.

Not seeing the right views or data?

  • The user might be logged in to the wrong instance. Users can only be logged into a single instance across all apps at any one time. Log out and authenticate into the correct instance.

Cannot create a view?

  • Views can only be created by data designer roles and above. Check the user's role. 


Seeing a subset of data or missing data you expect to see?

  • Check your data security access. Check with model security rules to see if there are any rules being applied to that user. 

News Feeds

My News Feed gets delivered to me but not to my subscribers.

  • Slack Bot is not invited to the channel. Individual users must install the Slack Bot to receive News Feeds. The Sisense Analytics slack bot must be invited to the Channel for it to push News Feeds to it.

I do not see the Add News Feed option.

  • Users may not be added to the user group. Contact your Sisense admin to make sure you are added to the SISENSE_EXTENSE_ALERTS group.

My News Feed never gets delivered to me or my subscribers.

  • Contact your Sisense admin to ensure that the appropriate Pulse Alerts are defined for the data models your News Feed view is based on (as described in the Setting Up News Feeds section). Check your query, if it is invalid or returns no data, the News Feed will not be triggered.


User can’t add Notes

  • Only supported for Teams and Slack


Clicking “Refresh All” changes the formatting of summary data on Slides.

  • Custom formatting in summaries is not supported. "Refresh" deletes obsolete shapes and replaces them with new ones. Users will have to reformat any of the summaries that are generated. Users can remove the connection/unbind from refreshing by deleting the "Alt text" description.


If you need additional help, please contact Sisense Support or create a Support Case

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