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When starting the process of data discovery and analysis, it’s common to focus on finding major answers or completing objectives that are miles ahead of your starting point. However, while the aim of finding a game-changer in data every time is tempting, it can distract from your goal—producing measurable, tangible ROI for your organization.

The Importance of Small, Early Victories

Transitioning to Sisense on an organizational level requires buy-in from different stakeholders, and that requires showcasing a clear ROI. Long-term goals are important, but for most people not directly involved, small, quick returns are more important in terms of adoption. Start small but start thinking of additional areas where Sisense could start showing results.
Starting with small projects also serves to show your team different Sisense applications, as well as demonstrating different techniques and tools that can be implemented for greater success. More importantly, these quick wins free your time to focus on designing more complex projects.
The best starting point for your objectives is to ask three major questions.

Find the Right Objectives

To establish the right goals that are both easy wins and useful for your organization, start by asking yourself the following:
  • What small wins can make the biggest impact and have the most visibility?
    Focus first on locating acute pains of high visibility stakeholders in different departments that can be resolved quickly.  Interview as many people as you can about their BI needs and identify the common threads between narratives. Those new to BI might find it challenging to envision how BI can help them in their day to day so come prepared with recommendations on how Sisense can help. With several of those projects under your belt, you will have the track record and visibility to attack the larger, more complex projects.
  • What am I doing daily that can be automated? There are countless tasks that must be performed daily but take up more time than the value they return. Items like inventory reports, sales numbers, and other daily tallies can be automated quickly and show ROI in terms of resources and time saved every day. These types of tasks are also useful learning tools as they involve activities you already perform and demonstrate different ways of approaching known issues.  Tasks that can be automated and produced daily will start delivering returns related to accuracy, expediency, and efficiency.
  • Are there existing projects that can be upgraded with Sisense? Implementing tools involves more than just automation. Creating dynamic visualizations or upgrading databases for existing excel projects, for instance, can serve the purpose of improving comprehension along with demonstrating use cases to your team. In the same vein, even helping other teams with their projects can start showing them value of broader Sisense adoption.
These smaller tasks have significant value as training tools and offer quick ROI that shows the value of Sisense on an organizational level, helping you expedite overall adoption.
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