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How to show the values selected in the dashboard filter as a Blox widget?


Our example uses a filter / field called "Fake Names"
First, in your BloX widget's Editor tab:
1. Set "showCarousel" to "true", but add the following option to make the navigation arrows go away:
"showCarousel": true,
"carouselAnimation": {
  "showButtons": false

2. Within the specific Text Block / container you want to change, give it an "id" attribute of "text-to-change" and "wrap" attribute as shown in the bolded section below:

"type": "TextBlock",
"text": "{panel:Fake Names}",
"id": "text-to-change",
"wrap": "true",
(Explanation: the "id" helps the widget script in the next steps run properly, and the "wrap" helps all the selected options show up if your user selects lots of them).

Next, edit your widget's script by doing this:
3. Copy and paste the whole script below:
widget.on("ready", function(w, args) {
 //make sure the target BloX text has an "id" attribute of "text-to-change"
 var yourFilterTitle = "Fake Names"; //insert your filter title here
 //ASSUMPTION: you're using an ordinary "List"-style filter
 var filterDetails = w.dashboard.filters.$$items.find(function(element){
  return element.jaql.title === yourFilterTitle;
 if(filterDetails.all === true) {
  $("#text-to-change").text(yourFilterTitle + ": All")
 } else {
  $("#text-to-change").text(yourFilterTitle + ": " + filterDetails.members.join(", "))
  1. Change the variable yourFilterTitle to whatever your dashboard filter's title is instead of "Fake Names" - presumably something like "Country".


  1. Save all the changes, then refresh the dashboard.


I'll show you what my example looks like for "Include All," single-selection, and multiple-selection:






In addition, the following widget script supports cascaded filters, as well as exclusions.


//========================   Configuration  ================================
var yourFilterTitle = "Filter Title Goes Here";

widget.on("ready", function(w, args) {
 var filterDetails;
 //Loop through all filters
 prism.activeDashboard.filters.$$items.forEach((itemFilter) => {
  //if the filter is cascaded
  if(itemFilter.isCascading == true){
   //loop through the levels
   for(var k=0; k<itemFilter.levels.length;k++){
    //If the filter title is equal to FilterName (the target filter)
    if(itemFilter.levels[k].title == yourFilterTitle){
     filterDetails = itemFilter.levels[k].filter
  //If the filter is not cascaded:
   //If the filter title is equal to FilterName (the target filter)
   if(itemFilter.jaql.title == yourFilterTitle){
    filterDetails = itemFilter.jaql.filter
 if(filterDetails.all === true) {
  $("#text-to-change").text(yourFilterTitle + ": All")
 }else if(filterDetails.exclude){
  $("#text-to-change").text(yourFilterTitle + ": NOT " + filterDetails.exclude.members.join(", "))
 } else {
  $("#text-to-change").text(yourFilterTitle + ": " + filterDetails.members.join(", "))


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