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Dynamic Params Changer - Simple On Dash "What If"

Dynamic params widget allows you to select and change values on the dashboard and on the fly, applied to formulas on the dash!
This will affect only parameters in Functions as a preventive measure from non intentional use and will not affect regular values, if you would like to change the value like shown in this example simple add - AVG([Price]) + 0 as a function.
  1. Put the DynamicParams folder into sisense’s plugins folder
  2. Create a new widget on the dashboard
  3. Apply the empty widget then enter into edit mode
  4. Populate the values with the parameters you want to effect
  5. Apply and refresh the dashboard
  6. See how your parameters affect your dashboard values!
1.1.0 - fixed issue with dashboard file when publishing dashboard with the widget
1.2.0 - fixed widget loading into environment issue (e error)
2.0.0 - added formulas support, dynamic and easy to use
Does not work in Pivot on Windows based deployments
Does not apply to panel's conditional coloring
7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

@intapiuser - Unable to download the plug in, can you please update the download link. Thanks

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‎03-02-2023 09:21 AM
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