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This article explains how to automatically switch between dashboards every predetermined amount of time. This might come useful, when you have multiple dashboards that you want to be presented in a cycle on a monitor to reflect updated data\records. Take a look at the video example below: 

Please follow the instructions below to set up automatic rotation between dashboards: 

  • Create a dedicated user (Consumer) that will be used for presenting the dashboards.
  • Republish all the relevant dashboards to the consumer user
  • Edit script for every dashboard and add the following script:

Change the variables d, t and u:

d - the url of next dashboard in the queue

t - the amount of time that the current dashboard will be displayed (in milliseconds)

u - the user that is used with the auto cycle


dashboard.on('refreshend', function(se, ev) {

var d = 'http://localhost:8081/app/main#/dashboards/5558943e17c636a410000009'; /* URL for next dashboard to be loaded */ 
var t = 3000 /* Milliseceonds until switching to the next dashboard */ 
var u = '[email protected]' /* The designated user for the auto cycle */

if (prism.user.userName == u) { 
setTimeout(function() { = d; 
}, t) 

  1. Login to Sisense with the designated user and open one of the dashboards to check the change is working.
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