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This article will show how to set conditional formatting on a specific value based on another one that doesn’t directly relate to it. For example, when one wants to show a total of revenue in a specific region and set its color to green in case the market share in the same region has reached the goal of 15%.


To format the first value based on the second value performance, we will create a function that returns a number greater than 1 in case we didn’t achieve the goal and smaller than 1 else.

Step 1 - Create the indicator


In this case, the first value is the revenue of the USA. In the above example, we used the pre-saved Revenue formula and the country as a filter, using measured values.


The secondary value in this case will be the contribution of the USA number of orders. starring this formula is recommended for future usage.  

Step 2 - Set the conditional formatting

For this example, the goal for USA market share is 15%. The function we will use will be our goal divided by the secondary value. If we reach the goal, this function will return a fraction, otherwise it will be greater than 1 because the denominator will be smaller than the numerator.

We will multiply the primary value by this number and use it for our conditions.

The result:

When we don’t reach the goal → the function will return a greater than 1 number → the product will be greater than the first value → the first condition will apply and the indicator will present red text

When we reach the goal → the function will return a fraction → the product will be smaller than the first value → the second condition will apply and the indicator will present red text

The mathematical explanation for the formula will be:


After dividing the formula by ‘USA REVENUE’ this formula is equivalent to:



Apply it and you are set.

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