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Community Team Member
This post we will talk about accumulation via millisec by using a unix timestamp transformation

In this use case, We will be working with a CData Elasticsearch ODBC driver and client need a way to accumulate data base off milliseconds.
Naively, we are unable to accumulate down to the millisec but with this work-around, we are able to do so.

This will be done upon data pull in from your data source where we will edit the query and transform it into a unix timestamp

Please keep in mind this is using function from your native data source

In this case, we are using ODBC CData and they support the function we needed for this transformation

By using the following function, we are able to bring in data and transform into unixts

SELECT datediff('millisecond' ,DATEFROMPARTS(1970, 1,1),datetime) 
FROM demosisense.testDate
After this has been complete, you can now go ahead and set the accumulation base off the new field we created. Following regular Sisense function, we can then hide this field while do an accumulative build on this.
And this will accumulate down to the millisec!
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