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Resolved! Get list of all dashboards/cubes from REST API

I am trying to come up with an automated way to document which of our users and groups have access to which dashboards and cubes. Using the REST API, I was pulling a list of elasticubes using the /v1/elasticubes/getElasticubes endpoint and a list of ...

mattmca by 9 - Travel Pro
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Resolved! Window Autosizing

Hello, I am curious if there is functionality for Sisense to auto-fit PivotTables/Tables with Aggregation dependent on the user's window size. If dashboards are built out on larger screens, how can we scale those table widgets to appear similar on a ...

Rkile by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! Filter by loginID

I am curious about the options in locking a filter by a userID login? If a user logs in, is there a way to limit a dashboard to only showing metrics pertaining to that user via the filters without the user being able to update these filters?

Rkile by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Resolved! How can Designer role (re)publish?

I've granted the Designer role to a colleague. After they make changes, how can they update the main version of the dashboard and republish it so all viewers get the new version? (When I make changes as Owner, I click Republish afterwards to update f...

Tim by 9 - Travel Pro
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Table Header Row hover / mouse over format

Table and Table with Aggregation widget has a different behavior when we hover the mouse over the column name -header cells . I want to disable this change or change its format to be similar with how Pivot header cells behave. Is it possible? TIA!

TwieN by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Unable to login after upgrade

I just upgrade our Windows Server from Sisense version 20.21.4 to 20.21.9 I also applied the logger patch All succeeded without any known errors When I login using the Sisense Client, I receive an message : "There was a problem during operation" I ca...

ScottSut by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Indicater for number in columb

Hi, so I would like to show a number (11.4) of the column (the name can be anything, let's say Field3 for now) Japan 2019 11.4 8.9 As an indicator on widget but it shows the count of the whole column which is 2, including N/A. How do I present only "...

Mis by 8 - Cloud Apps
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