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Sum based on OR condition

Hi.I'm trying do a simple sum based on OR condition of 2 column of a table. For now I just want to display a number (that later I will use for a more complex widget) by summing the elements of the table that satisfies a string condition of a column a...


Resolved! How to resize width of values columns in pivot widget

An existing widget configured as a pivot with rows and values (no columns in config), is not allowing me to resize the width of the columns within the pivot table in the dashboard view. The resize arrows are available - I drag to make the width small...

Dashboard Filters

I am creating a dashboard , in the filters i have put the time field , and i want to see my table at quarter level , but , the filter is taking quarter1 from jan to march , But i want to customize the quarters as per financial years i.e , q1 = april ...

harish by 8 - Cloud Apps
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First occurrence of a field

Hello. I work with healthcare dashboards. For the data elements that have one-to-many relationships, is there a script for a widget, so that the table within the widget only selects the first field of that data element?For example, there's a data ele...

pcho by 7 - Data Storage
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Pivot Table Custom Sort

I have a pivot table that lists member names, as well as sales totals. Can I customize the sorting of the table in some way that has the members with the highest overall sales shown in order? The sales are also broken down by category. The only way I...

Date Filters - List

I have a dashboard that looks at diversity and demographic information for my company, and a key piece of its functionality is the ability to select a specific month/year so our users can view information from any number of points in time. The way I ...

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 4.45.57 PM.png

Resolved! Blox formatting for PDF download

Hi there,I am developing a dashboard with multiple Blox (6) in a page that requires it to look like it is one table. The reason behind this is the nature if required layout and the way data is modelled.I was able to achieve something close to this by...

Resolved! Showing Modals on Pivot Table

Is there any way we can display a Pop-up modal in a Pivot table?Lets say I have a List customers and 50 of them are buying iPhone 12 from Delhi.My data look like this: StoreProductsNum purchaseDelhiiPhone 12iPhone 13iPhone 14501090So when clicking on...

b_bouri by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Color change across whole row in pivot table

I was wondering if it was possible to edit the the color of an entire row of a pivot table off of one conditional cell. I have found another post with the same problem but the script provided there did not work. I will link the other post I have foun...

What is the dashboard layout used in sisense dashboard ui

May I know what is the dashboard layout library being used in sisense dashboard ui? I’m currently developing dashboard in my application, it should get dashboard and widgets from sisense rest api and position it in the web application. I’m using grid...

enmiwong by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Custom cell formatting in Pivot

I want a table or pivot table but the cells are full size blocks/tiles that effectively look like this:The number will be a calculated function ddiff(date, now) but the text "days" needs to appear, the cell should be a box etc.. Is this something i e...


Resolved! Sisense Implement RLS in Bigquery to access data in sisense

HiCurrently I have an created dashboard which takes data from Bigquery. I am planning to add RLS(row-level-security) policies to Bigquery tables so that data belonged to particular user/tenant can only be shown. How can I update my dashboard or data-...

shashika by 7 - Data Storage
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Resolved! Black background when data yields no results.

Hi, I am trying to adjust my script so the black background continues to be black even when "No Results" are shown. Right now, I have a dashboard that has black background with white text, but the charts the don't yield any data at certain times reve...

ascott011 by 8 - Cloud Apps
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Dynamic (WTD, prior WTD) based on selected Date Filter

Good Morning Enthusiasts!We have a client requirement to present WTD, MTD, QTD, YTD numbers that would be dynamic depending on the selected/active Date Filter.Example, if current filter is year 2024, they should see the latest:WTD (as of Feb 19) tota...

ajque by 8 - Cloud Apps
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